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Relax And Enjoy–We Will Take Care Of The Work!

Premier Aquarium Service

Premier Aquarium Service - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Premier Aquarium Service Manage Care - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Premier Aquarium Service Van - Minneapolis, Minnesota

The key to a healthy and beautiful aquarium system is regular care and maintenance. Our primary workload at Premier Aquarium Service lies in providing professionally-managed aquarium care for our clients’ aquatic pets and their aquatic home. We understand time is at a premium and you should be able to spend it enjoying your aquarium, rather than be tied down with its upkeep. We truly believe aquariums enhance people’s lives. With this passion to drive us, our professional aquarium maintenance staff provides over 450 care stops per month. Our managed care packages are typically weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly depending on you and your aquarium needs. We also offer 24-hour emergency care for our clients and their aquatic pets, so you can rest easy knowing we have you covered no matter what life might throw at you. Relax and enjoy your aquatic view without any of the work.


Typical Care Visit Includes:

  • 20-point visual and testing health analysis
  • Water testing
  • Servicing of life-support equipment
  • Cleaning algae from aquarium walls, substrate, and decorations
  • Replacement of mechanical and chemical media
  • Water changes as needed based on water conditions and aquarium needs
  • Care of any aquarium electronics and control equipment
  • Top off of aquarium system
  • Filling of auto-feeder
  • Delivery of any needed aquarium supplies and conditioned livestock
  • Exterior polishing of the aquarium system
  • 10% discount off of livestock for our clients
  • Livestock include a full 60-day warranty. All livestock is quarantined and conditioned for a minimum of 2 weeks in our facility.
  • Detailed care forms will be provided at every visit. These forms include water conditions, a checklist of services performed, any product or livestock left, and a comments area.
  • Itemized invoices are provided monthly.

The Premier Team In The Aquarium Industry

What truly sets Premier Aquarium Service apart is our amazing professional staff. Our team of full-time passionate staff will care for your aquarium system and your pets like their own. You will have the same person assigned to you for every servicing instance, and you will be given their direct cell to call during business hours. Your service provider will arrive at your location in a fully-equipped work vehicle. Special attention will be given to your property and your privacy.


Didn’t Start With Premier Aquarium Service – That’s OK

Over half of our current aquarium clients started on their own or with other companies. Now they enjoy their aquariums with Premier Aquarium Service providing professional care. You can see the difference in our services with our professional staff, training, processes, facilities, support, and true passion for what we do. Contact us today, and we will provide you with a written managed care proposal for your fishtank aquatic system.

Our company and staff are fully-insured for both residential and commercial projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Certificates of insurance are available if needed. We highly recommend making sure any company doing aquarium work on your property is properly insured for your protection.

Pro Tip – Beware of the “all-inclusive monthly service fee”

We have experienced many problems with this kind of account. Filter media often goes unchecked for longer than recommended, and all inclusive monthly service fee packages are notoriously understocked with the cheapest fish. If you require an all inclusive monthly service package, we provide dollar amount goals for livestock stocking levels and a set schedule to replace filter media. Unfortunately, this type of service arrangement can easily be abused by the service provider if initial expectations are not defined, and if communication is poor during the process. We are happy to walk you through what work will be done, what is expected to be replaced and what a targeted level of livestock will be including the financial value. That is why Premier Aquarium Service is a preferred freshwater and saltwater aquarium service in the Twin Cities.

Other Services Offered:

  • Professional design and installations
  • Aquarium relocations
  • System site consultation
  • Aquarium polishing
  • System overhauls, including life-support, lighting, and aquarium décor

Please contact us with any comments or questions.