About Us


Premier Aquarium Service was formed in 1998, but was started well before that. Founder Michael Maki was fascinated by fish and nature from an early age, having his first aquarium before the age of three. Michael grew up always having a passion for animals and the outdoors. In 1987, he started working for the largest fish store in the Twin Cities. He was hooked and worked at that store through college and for five years after graduating college with a business degree.

Michael was able to work in all aspects of the aquarium industry: retail, wholesale and service. He found a love for the service and installation aspect of the industry. Quickly he learned that not only were the livestock and aquarium systems important but also the clients and the wonderful relationships developed caring for their aquatic pets was important. There is a great feeling seeing your client truly enjoy the artistry, the skill and the passion you have for their pets. While working in the aquatic industry, Michael also learned that to perform at the highest level in the installation and service area, it had to be your main focus and not a secondary part of a business. Out of this core value to truly focus on the needs of our clients and their pets Premier Aquarium Service was formed. No distractions of retail, internet or wholesale aspects of the industry just high quality aquatic installations and professional service. Our soul focus is to be the best at what we do and our focus and hard work was quickly rewarded.

Premier Aquarium Service grew from a home based business to an aquatic work shop and showroom. Our clients have said our shop is the aquatic equivalent to Santa’s workshop, where hopefully we can make their childhood dreams come true. As the company grew, so did our dedication and need to have a professional staff that not only could perform the job superbly but have a passion for the hobby. Today Premier Aquarium Service employs a team second to none in the industry. With over 100 years combined experience, they have seen just about every aquatic situation and can quickly resolve even complex issues. Each year Premier Aquarium Service installs or services hundreds of aquatic displays, never forgetting that we are not only caring for your system but also your pets. Approximately half of Premier Aquarium Service clients started with other

companies, but now have found a home with Premier Aquarium Service. To stay on top of a constantly changing industry, Premier Aquarium Service regularly attends trade shows, continuing education classes, vendor events and try many new products at our shop and on our own personal aquatic displays. As technology changes and improves, Premier Aquarium Service will be there every step of the way. Our company is excited about the future of the aquatic industry and our role in that future. If you are considering an aquarium, water garden or professional service we invite you to contact us today so we can bring your ideas to life and you can enjoy your aquatic experience with none of the work.

Premier Aquarium Service, Inc. Mission Statement.

Premier Aquarium Service, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with luxury residential and commercial aquatic systems as well as providing the highest level of aquatic services and product in the aquarium and water garden industry. We will treat our client’s livestock as loved pets and not disposable objects. Our teammates will provide honest reliable service with special concern for our client’s privacy. All product and livestock supplied to our clients will be of only the highest quality. Premier Aquarium Service, Inc. will provide regular services throughout the greater Twin City Metro area and installation service nationwide.

Our Difference

Here are just a few of the things that we feel sets us apart from the competition and truly makes us Premier

  • Experienced Professional Staff – Over 150 Years combined professional experience
  • Largest Team of professional technicians in the upper Midwest
  • Fully Insured and background checked
  • Professional Service Fleet
  • 24 hours on call – for clients
  • Professional work shop and showroom
  • Reliable scheduled visits
  • A real passion for your pets
  • We love what we do!