Tips For Choosing An Aquarium Company To Install Your Aquarium

Choosing the right aquarium company can be a seemingly monumental task. Fortunately, Premier Aquarium Service, Inc. has you covered. If you follow these tips below, you can make your decision to hire a professional aquarium installation service much easier.


Make sure the companies you are considering are fully-insured with liability and workers comp insurance. We are happy to provide copies of our insurance certifications if requested.


Aquarium Installation and Service should be the primary role of the company. If the company has retail they should have a separate dedicated staff for the service division.

Accountability for Goods & Services Rendered

How does the company stand behind its product and service? At Premier Aquarium Service, we offer a full ONE YEAR warranty on all installation services. For example, if a pump went out in the first year we would replace the pump with no labor charge.

Staff Quality

Does the company have adequate staff to not only do the installation properly but also provide outstanding service after the sale? Our staff are not only professionals in their field, but passionate about what they do. We are also well-staffed enough to provide you with an assigned specialist that you can have on-call during normal operating hours.

Manufacturer Quality

Does the company use high-quality national aquarium manufacturers? Our aquariums come from our partners who specialize in the field. However, if you are considering a company that makes the aquariums they install, ask them how many have they made, how many of their aquariums have leaked or failed, and if they will provide a new tank if the original has imperfections. Go as far as to ask for pictures of their products if you’re not sure. We have taken over many accounts where obvious tank imperfections were hidden from the client.

No-Nonsense Aquarium Proposals

Aquarium proposals should include brand names and sizes of equipment. Not all equipment is of the same quality. There are some areas we often see corners cut: NOISY/undersized pumps, low-quality lightbulbs, homemade filters, improper plumbing, low-grade construction material, noisy overflow/drain lines, skimpy/low quality decorations, tap water instead of purified water, and cheap dial light timers. And that isn’t even an exhaustive list. Knowing what brands you’re getting keeps your aquarium installation companies accountable.

Ask if the bid is complete

Ask if the bid is complete, and how much possible upgrading would be needed in the future and how much it would cost.

Get multiple bids

Get multiple bids so you can compare and make an educated decision. You will save money and aggravation by having the project done right the first time. This may seem like strange advice, but we are confident that the more you compare, the more obvious the quality and value an aquarium system from Premier Aquarium Service becomes.

Call before considering another company

Before you consider another company for aquarium services, please feel free to compare their service to ours. We are fully-insured and happy to provide proof if required.

Customer Service Quality

With Premier Aquarium Service, each client is assigned a dedicated full-time service representative. You will not have a different person each time, and you will also have a direct number for that service representative.

Care Sheets

A detailed care sheet is provided at every visit. You will know what was done to the aquarium and what was left.

Quarantined Fish

All our fish are quarantined a minimum of 2 weeks prior to bring to your aquarium, and are not straight from a wholesaler’s tank. We have a state-of-the-art quarantine facility. All fish come with a 30-60 Day warranty based on Aquarium Care Package chosen.

Guaranteed Fish

All fish come with a 30-60 Day warranty based on Aquarium Care Package chosen

Check Your Choices

With us, you will have a real choice on livestock. Not just 6 or 7 cookie cutter options.

Water Testing

The easiest way to deal with water quality problems is to prevent it entirely. This is accomplished with regular water testing. Premier Aquarium Service will offer water testing during every visit.

24-hour Emergency Coverage

All of our service clients are provided with 24-hour emergency coverage. We have enough staff to truly provide this service, unlike many other services that are short-staffed.

Quality Work Vehicles

Service calls are made in PROFESSIONAL FULL-SIZED WORK VEHICLES. Our vans are fish stores on wheels. They are fully-stocked with pumps, lights, chemicals, plumbing parts, filter media, fish foods, and much more. We rarely do not have what you need readily available. This is not always true for other aquarium services.


Itemized Invoices

Itemized invoices are key to knowing each and every service we perform. We send out professional itemized invoices to you on time.