At Premier Aquarium Service, Inc. we take great pride in all the services we provide our clients of the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. We are constantly striving to bring our clients the very best the aquatic industry has to offer.

Our services are as follows:

Aquarium Installations
Aquatic installations include custom and standard aquariums, available as built-in or free-standing themed exhibits and displays.

Aquarium Maintenance
We offer professional aquarium maintenance for saltwater and freshwater displays.

Water Garden Installations
We are able to add the beauty of water to your yard and workplace.

Ultra-Rare Fish
We are proud to have access to some of the rarest and most unique fish in the aquarium industry. We can give you choices you will find nowhere else.

Bubble Walls & Fountains
Enhance your home or office with beautiful water features provided only by Premier Aquarium Service, Inc.


Premier Aquarium Service is dedicated to providing our clients of the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area with luxury residential and commercial aquarium installations, as well as providing the highest level of aquarium goods and services in the aquarium maintenance industry. We treat our clients’ livestock as pets and not disposable objects. Service representatives provide honest and reliable service with respect for their clients’ privacy. All product and livestock supplied to our clients is of only the highest quality. Premier Aquarium Service provides aquarium service throughout greater Minnesota, and installation service nationwide.