Rare Fish

Premier Aquarium Service is proud to offer a selection of extremely rare and unusual fish. While Premier Aquarium Service is able to offer its service clients any species of fish, we also provide an opportunity for all fish collectors to acquire species that are seldom found in even the most prestigious fish stores. Most of these fish are available only once or twice a year at best, and are typically sold to the Japanese market. While some retailers may only consider bringing in one of these fish when they are available, we are actively searching for these fish everyday.

Please keep in mind that the prices of most of these fish begin at $1,000.00. If you are interested in adding some of the most desired species in the aquarium world to your collection, please contact us so that we can add you to our e-mail list. Let us know which special fish you need to finish your collection or if you would like notification when any of these fish become available. We will notify you of current pricing and availability dates.

Please note that we require a minimum purchase of $500.00 on all livestock shipments.

Fish Currently Seeking


  • Peppermint Angelfish, Paracentropyge boylei
  • Interruptus Angelfish, Centropyge interrupta
  • Black Angelfish, Chaetodontoplus niger
  • Conspicuous Angelfish, Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus


Conspicuous Angel

  • Blue Stripe Angelfish, Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis
  • Tiger Angelfish, Apolemichthys kingi
  • Cocos Pygmy Angelfish, Centropyge jocolator
  • Deep – Reef Pygmy Angelfish, Centropyge narcosis
  • Blue Mauritius Angelfish, Centropyge debelius
  • Nahacky’s Pygmy Angelfish, Centropyge nahackyi
  • Hotumatua’s Angelfish, Centropyge hotumatua
  • Half Banded Angelfish, Genicanthus semicinctus
  • Clipperton Angelfish, Holacanthus limbaughi
  • Clarion Angelfish, Holacanthus clarionensis -VERY RARE


Adult Clarion Angel


  • Wrought Iron Butterfly, Chaetodon daedalma
  • Declevis Butterfly, Chaetodon declivis
  • Tinker Butterfly, Chaetodon tinkeri


  • Golden Moray Eel (yellow variant), Gymnothorax miliaris
  • Dragon Moray Eel (Japanese Color Variety), Muraena pardalis
  • African Dragon Moray Eel, Muraena melanotis


  • Polleni Grouper, Cephalopholis polleni
  • Bumble Bee Grouper, Epinephelus lanceolatus


  • Map Puffer, Arothron mappa


Mappa Puffer


  • Western Wobbegong Shark, Orectolobus species


  • Crosshatch Triggerfish, Xanthichthys mento
  • Lunula Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus lunula
  • Horseshoe Leatherjacket, Meuschenia hippocrepis


  • Gem Tang, Zebrasoma gemmatum


  • Napoleon Wrasse, Cheilinus undulates


  • Western Blue Devil, Paraplesiops meleagri


Western Blue Devil

  • White-Bared Boxfish, Anaplocapros Lenticularies