New & Popular Aquatic Displays

Living Coral Reef Displays

Coral Reefs are the most diverse concentrations of life on our planet. It is no wonder reef aquariums are a very popular choice for aquarium displays. Premier Aquarium Service can provide displays from relatively simple to the highest tech systems depending on your goals and budget for your aquarium. Colorful living coral, amazing invertebrates, dazzling colored fish are some of the things you will see in these amazing displays.

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NEW ReeFresh

This new and very popular aquarium concept by Premier Aquarium Service takes the look and décor of a saltwater aquarium and combines that with hardy freshwater fish. One of the popular advantages of freshwater fish is that you can have more fish than in a conventional saltwater fish aquarium. What a beautiful show piece in your home or business.

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Museum Quality Turtle Displays

One of the latest innovations in aquarium keeping is the “Turtle Aquarium”. Turtles have been kept as pets for decades, but leave it to Premier Aquarium Service to perfect the museum quality “Turtle Aquarium”. By combining modern live support filtration and artistic flare we have developed a system that will provide a home to both turtles and fish in a clean awe inspiring environment.

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Jellyfish Displays

Premier Aquarium Service has had access to jellyfish displays for years, but we are excited about some quality small and affordable jellyfish systems. Access to tank raised jellyfish has also improved greatly in the last year.

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Monitor & Control Your Aquarium Via The Web

Premier Aquarium Service offers many options to monitor and control your aquarium from anywhere you have WiFi access. Email alerts can be sent to us if any issues arise with your aquarium. Imaging sitting at a café in London, check your aquarium and push a button and feed your fish. Video monitoring is also available.

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Custom Coral Inserts & High Quality Artificial Corals

Premier Aquarium Service is proud to offer high quality custom coral inserts and high quality artificial corals. Coral inserts have been available for years with access to high quality inserts improving greatly the past few years.

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