Design & Installation

Our professional aquarium installation services for both freshwater and saltwater systems are available for both commercial and residential applications. We pride ourselves on our installation process, keeping you informed every step of the way. When working with Premier Aquarium Services, Inc. you can expect a few steps in your aquarium’s installation process:


Initial Consultation

Premier Aquarium Service will guide you through every aspect of your professional aquarium project. Our specialty lies in developing a custom application that meets each clients’ unique aquatic needs, developing an individualized conversation piece for your home or office. We work one-on-one with our clients to manifest their aquarium vision as well as managing their expectations and work to exceed them. Our professional staff is also available to give presentations to project coordinators, board members, and fundraising organizations nation-wide. We are experienced in working with interior designers, architects, electricians, and contractors. Our consultation services are the first step toward turning your vision into reality.


Design and Engineering

We stay on top of the latest technology available in the aquarium industry. We provide state-of-the-art systems that are as functional as they are beautiful. Our designers provide the elements that bring your interior to life. We really pride ourselves in creating displays that highlight the fish and decorations, taking the focus off of the unaesthetic pieces such as the life supporting equipment.

Not only do our staff take the visual aspects of your aquarium into consideration, but also the auditory. Many beautiful aquariums are ruined by low-quality electrical systems that can be heard running from across a room. We use only the best materials and the quietest motors to assure that your aquarium experience is the best you can find.

Our designers work closely with many of America’s top aquarium fabricators to help ensure only the best results. We can also provide custom, furniture-quality cabinetry that matches your home or office and blends your aquarium in masterfully with its surroundings. As a further option, we can work with your existing cabinet-maker to insure a perfect installation.

Aquarium Installation

Our aquarium installation team ensures that your aquarium’s installation is smooth with minimal interruption within your home or business. Using Premier Aquarium Service gives you the peace of mind knowing that your product and our service crews are fully-insured. Installations also include the delivery of purified water to ensure an ideal environment for your livestock. The special talents that set our installation crews apart from others is artistic vision and excellent craftsmanship. We strive to create a living piece of art in your home or office.


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