The Role of Aquariums in Overcoming Dental Phobia

The Role of Aquariums in Overcoming Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is a common fear of receiving oral health treatments. Approximately 75% of U.S. adults experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist. The level of discomfort experienced varies but the results are often the same. 

Patients are reluctant to maintain sufficient oral healthcare as a result of dental phobia. To combat this, many dentists take great strides to provide support. Education, compassion, and the use of sedation dentistry can help. However, the atmosphere, ambiance, and aesthetics at the dentist’s office are also important for promoting a relaxing environment. 

Aquariums & Dental Anxiety

Watching fish and other marine life in an aquarium has long been proven to evoke feelings of calm and comfort. Therapy offices often have an aquarium in the waiting room to help patients relax before treatment. When the right aesthetics are achieved, these installations become a tool that encourages patients to open up or more enthusiastically engage in therapies. 

The same principles can apply to a dental office. When patients are feeling anxious, the color and shape of water features is a welcome and relaxing distraction. Watching tropical fish gracefully swim in and out of these features completes the aesthetic. While an aquarium alone many not put patients completely at ease, it can become part of the treatment process and create a positive association with visiting the dentist. 

Tailored Aquarium Design for Dental Offices

Tranquil colors have been shown to create a calming atmosphere. The psychology of color involves choosing a scheme that triggers specific emotional responses. Red is the color of excitement but can also signify danger, so is not likely to help patients with anxiety. However, shades of blues and greens that are inspired by the ocean can help ease fear and trepidation before treatment. 

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