Aquarium Heaters – When Should You Replace Them?

Aquarium Heaters – When Should You Replace Them?

The temperature of the aquarium is a vital factor in the overall comfort and well-being of your fish. Unlike human beings and other mammals, fish do not produce body heat on their own. They tend to rely on the temperature of the water for maintaining their own body temperature. This makes it crucial for you to keep the aquarium at moderate temperatures for your beloved pets. This is done with an aquarium heater.

As aquarium heaters have sensitive elements, it is always important to keep them well-regulated. The best way to accomplish that is for you to know as much about aquarium heaters as you can – their types, size guide, placement, and how often you should replace them.

Aquarium Heater Types

There is a huge variety of heaters available yet choosing the right aquarium heater is not really that difficult. Typically, there are four different types of heaters:

  • Substrate heaters
  • Submersible heaters
  • Immersible heaters
  • Filter heaters

Choosing Your Aquarium Heater

Confused about which heater should you choose for your aquarium? Understanding what type of aquarium heater you require entails factors like the temperature of the room and the total volume of water in the tank. You should also consider the type of fish you intend to house. Our aquarium experts can help you choose the appropriate heater for your situation.

Size and Placement of Heater

Are you wondering where should you put the heater? If you have a tank containing around 40 gallons of water, then you may need two heaters at the opposite ends of the tank.  For a 20-gallon water tank, an aquarium heater of 100 Watts should be sufficient, placed at the side of the tank.

Reasons to Replace Your Aquarium Heaters

It is important to note that the heater is required to keep the tank at the respective target temperature even when the room might be at its coldest point. The temperature of the tank should not fluctuate. 

Heaters, especially some less expensive ones, are known to have a shorter life. In some cases, the contact for turning the unit on and off might get permanently stuck. If stuck in the on position, the unit can get immensely hot. Therefore, you should think about replacing the aquarium heaters every 2-3 years to assure it does not malfunction unknowingly.

Reach out to us for optimum aquarium care and maintenance. We are available for your aid right away!


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